Michael Scott Scudder Interview On The Health Club Industry [VIDEO] - August 2011

This year I promised myself I'd take time to interview some key thinkers in the fitness and health club industry. There is a lot of change going on for health clubs I want to explore, so with time running out for 2011, I called on my friend Michael Scottt Scudder and he agreed to meet me in Arlington, Texas for some quality think tank time; thanks Michael. It was the fitmarc lone star event that provided the perfect backdrop and opportunity for us to visit.

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Equinox: An Interesting & Important Player In The Evolving US Health Club Market

Ironically I was working on an article regarding Equinox Fitness in the past few days when I got the call from Los Angeles Business Journal reporter @AlexaHyland . Alexa wanted to know my thoughts regarding Equinox's recent acquisition of of The Sports Club Company's four properties located in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Orange County and New York's Rockefeller Center for a reported $130 Million. Alexa asked some good questions and I don't want to spoil her important story which I'll share with readers later. I did, however, want to opine on Equinox in general and ask the question : can Equinox grow 4 concepts simultaneously ?

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Mobile Isn't A Trend. Its A New Era. Are You Ready ?

I've written a lot about mobile trends and what they are going to mean to your life and your business, particulary in the fitness and health club business. Watch the video below and ask yourself these questions: Is your website mobile friendly ? Can your customers easily take action with your business using their mobile devices ? Do you deliver a unique mobile experience for your customers ? Is mobile part of your marketing strategy ? I didn't think so; but don't feel badly because you're not alone. Mobile isn't a trend, its a new era in customer experience and its going to change everything. Mobile is one part of a huge revolution that's underway in every industry and the health club business and fitness industry in general are no exception.
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What Digital Darwinism Means To The Health Club Industry

Going through my morning content over tea I came across this from Brian Solis:

I love Brian, but what do you ask is he talking about ? I think I know.

Conveying to leaders in the health club industry, or leaders from many businesses and industries for that matter, that: 1) change is coming very fast and 2) the future will entail new business models and ways of doing things that will be very different from the past, often falls on deaf ears. While its lonely being the voice of a revolution amidst the monarchy, what Brian Solis is saying is true and Digital Darwinism is an important concept to explore. Here's why.

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Still Investing In Old School Advertising ? Don't [VIDEO]

Advertising; its a big part of any marketing strategy, but I'm not sure many business owners, particularly in the health club industry or the fitness industry in general, understand it. A lot of marketing practices are flawed and as a result advertising resources wasted [burned hence the photo] and therefore I'd suggest people take time to carefully reevaluate their strategy and advertising campaigns.

Fundamental shifts have occurred in how people decide to buy. You've heard it, buyers don't trust advertising anymore. Fitness industry players, both in the B2C and B2B world need to reevaluate their messaging and engagement efforts in light of these changes.

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