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As a professional speaker and successful business leader for the past twenty-eight years serving in a variety of industries and roles, Bryan has seen the increasing impact of rapidly advancing technologies, shifting demographics and spreading globalization first hand. In this rapidly changing world, Bryan's professional speaking ability is motivating, fresh and his first hand insights are appealing and valuable for meetings, conferences, and seminars.

Why settle for just a "speaker"? Bryan O'Rourke's dynamic style, knowledge and inspiration as a professional speaker will engage, uplift and energize your audience. 

Bryan is a professional speaker who has lectured at numerous events in many industries on four continents. He is a published author having written and contributed to four books.  His leadership ability to engage and keep the audience wanting more is what makes him one of the best professional speakers today.  He has also delivered Internet and Webinar content on a variety of subjects. 

Due to the high demand for Bryan's professional speaking services, you will want to contact Bryan today to discuss your facilitation, presentation or speaking engagement requirements, as his speaking services are offered on a selective basis.