Michael Scott Scudder Interview On The Health Club Industry [VIDEO] - August 2011

This year I promised myself I'd take time to interview some key thinkers in the fitness and health club industry. There is a lot of change going on for health clubs I want to explore, so with time running out for 2011, I called on my friend Michael Scottt Scudder and he agreed to meet me in Arlington, Texas for some quality think tank time; thanks Michael. It was the fitmarc lone star event that provided the perfect backdrop and opportunity for us to visit.

During a series of 3 unrehearsed video interviews, Michael and I did what we often do and have done for the pass five years via skype; we shared our thoughts about what is happening in the health club industry and now we are sharing those thoughts with you and the world (see the first interview below).

Michael Scott Scudder, for those of you who don't know, is considered a maverick by many in the health club industry, which he has been involved with for 35 years. He recently came to agreement on expanding his devout following through acquiring the Fitness Industry Group ("FIG") which was created by Sherry Robb. Now his reach is over 30,000 health club and fitness industry professional with whom he shares his thinking and views.

See the first video interview on Where Is The Health Club Industry Headed below and tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about Michael's views on the Health Club Industry ?