Do You Have A Social Media Policy For Your Organization ?

One of the biggest questions I get from fitness industry leaders including YMCA executives and health club managers and owners is this: "Can We Control How Our Employees Use Social Media and How Do We Do It ?" The main point of the question is concern over what an employee might do given how that could reflect on the business.

its a good question and it really involves a few issues rolled into one.

The first is this: "What is your social media strategy?;

The second is, "What is your culture?"; and

The third question is, "Where is your business located?"

Many organization's don't really have a clear social media strategy and until one is established how you might benefit from or be harmed by employees participation in the strategy will be unclear. You need a plan with defined outcomes. If your employees are very clear about what your brand represents and how you want and need to communicate that to the world, implementing an integrated policy around that strategy is much easier (see my post on the transformation of customers and organizations - Empowered).

The first point closely relates to the second of culture. How much control do you really want to have ? Some organizations are far more controlling than others. They might chose to govern and control ALL content regarding their business in the social space. While this often is very short cited and limits the upside of social media, it would have a significant implication on the rules. Some organizations have more open cultures. I've actually seen a social media policy for employees that simply said, ""Be on brand, be interesting".There isn't a cookie cutter answer and what is even more challenging is that good social media strategy requires continual learning, so policy and practice is going to change over time. You need flexibility.

Finally, the legal rules on employment policies vary from state to state. You will need to reference your legal counsel to take a look at the policy initiatives you have to confirm they are enforcable and act in tandem with your overall employment policy practices.

Here are many examples of social media policies for you to review. Its a great tool. My thanks to the Social Media Governance Organization for sharing them.

So tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, does your organization have a social media policy ? What is your culture like and how has social media played into it ? Watch the video below.


NAYDO 2011 - See The Videos

NAYDO 2011 was a great conference. I left early after sharing a presentation on ephilanthropy (check out the ePhilanthropy group on Linkedin and presentation content here). A few videos from the event are below. The first is funny and the second is an interview with Dan Sawyer and my friend Sal Pellegrino from Star Trac. I want to mention what a great person Sal Pellegrino is in addition to the entire Star Trac team. Special thanks to Michael Bruno for our relationship as well. Tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about the video clips ?

NAYDO 2011 - How Social Media Is Changing Philanthropy

I had the pleasure yesterday to engage in an interesting event that brought together YMCA executives : NAYDO 2011 . Star Trac sponsored a reception at NAYDO where I shared key trends in social media and philanthropy. Lots of fun and thanks to all of you who attended, especially Lisa Ramirez and others from the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, one of our fitmarc customers. Watch this funny video with Sal Pellegrino in it from NAYDO.

When I say a revolution is happening that is and will turn every industry on its head, non-profits and philanthropy are no exception. The deck is included below. Please join the new Linkined group "ePhilanthropy" to learn more and engage in the conversation. What do you think ?

Contact me Bryan O'Rourke and share your views. Do you believe Social Media will revolutionize philanthropy and how ? Thanks to NAYDO


EPhilanthropy, NAYDO 2011
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