NAYDO 2011 - See The Videos

NAYDO 2011 was a great conference. I left early after sharing a presentation on ephilanthropy (check out the ePhilanthropy group on Linkedin and presentation content here). A few videos from the event are below. The first is funny and the second is an interview with Dan Sawyer and my friend Sal Pellegrino from Star Trac. I want to mention what a great person Sal Pellegrino is in addition to the entire Star Trac team. Special thanks to Michael Bruno for our relationship as well. Tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about the video clips ?

NAYDO 2011 - How Social Media Is Changing Philanthropy

I had the pleasure yesterday to engage in an interesting event that brought together YMCA executives : NAYDO 2011 . Star Trac sponsored a reception at NAYDO where I shared key trends in social media and philanthropy. Lots of fun and thanks to all of you who attended, especially Lisa Ramirez and others from the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, one of our fitmarc customers. Watch this funny video with Sal Pellegrino in it from NAYDO.

When I say a revolution is happening that is and will turn every industry on its head, non-profits and philanthropy are no exception. The deck is included below. Please join the new Linkined group "ePhilanthropy" to learn more and engage in the conversation. What do you think ?

Contact me Bryan O'Rourke and share your views. Do you believe Social Media will revolutionize philanthropy and how ? Thanks to NAYDO


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