Why Do So Many Fitness Industry Suppliers Still Try to Sell Like Its 1975 ?

I serve fitness professionals and their organizations. Our company fitmarc is one of the leading suppliers of programs, education and consulting in the U.S.. We have a great team and Robert Dyer is a great partner. Our featured products include Les Mills fitness formulas  and we serve as the exclusive south central distributor in the U.S. Fitmarc and its affiliate integerus, however, do a lot more than that. Hopefully we will be doing a lot more with some pretty well known brands soon. What we don't do is try to shove things people don't want down their throats, and therein lies the purpose for this post.

I've been working with some "leading" vendors in the fitness and wellness space as well. These are prominent names in the business. What surprises me is how so many of these organizations continue to "Sell" - many approaching the business like firms of decades ago. Push, push, push. They are unaware of "Sales 2.0" and engage in lots of telemarketing and pushing - But Why ?

Is the fitness industry just behind the times ? Cold Calling doesn't work anymore ! So why do so many fitness suppliers still pursue it ? Jeff Gitomer, one of my favorites, shares his insights regarding the new world of business development in the video below - let me know what you think. I must give a shout out to my colleague and sales guru Sal Pellegrino - who turned me on to Gitomer as well as his comrade in crime Larry Domingo - now both with the Star Trac brand. Kudos guys - you are both special and I appreciate all you've shared.

Contact me, Bryan O'Rourke, and let me know what you think. Are you as a fitness professional tired of being "Sold" or "Cold Called" by suppliers or "wannabes" ? Why do you think as an industry many vendors continue to approach the market this way ? Please share your thoughts.