The Embedded Internet - 15 Billion Devices by 2015

The embedded Internet is preparing to transform the world. An era of intelligent connectivity is emerging and according to "Gantz, John. "The Embedded Internet: Methodology and Findings." IDC. January 2009." the industry is about to hit the fast-forward button.

The Internet has grown from its infant beginnings to a global network, defeating old boundaries, stimulating new models, and releasing opportunities for organizations globally.

The Internet is evolving again, to the embedded space. Intel Vice President Doug Davis cites the IDC prediction of 15 billion intelligent, connected devices by the year 2015, that is how big its going to get.

Leveraging the power of Internet connectivity to a limitless variety of embedded devices, many communicating machine-to-machine without human intervention, has more far-reaching implications than most can imagine.

How many of these breakthrough solutions will you create? Think about 15 billion intelligent devices connected to each other. Information technology and the Internet is on the threshold of something new.

If Internet-connected PCs and phones were transformative, imagine what happens when the Internet connects cars, home media phones, digital signs and shopping carts, mobile medical diagnostic tools, factory robots and intelligent wind turbines.

Driven by breakthroughs in microarchitecture and process technology, applications can now deliver scalable intelligence and connectivity to billions of new intelligent, connected devices.

Another huge shift is about to happen....again.....