Want to Move Your Industry Forward ? Watch this.....

Has the industry you work in lost its way? Sense a disconnect between what it espouses, the potential and the reality ? Many examples exist. In franchising, industry groups like IFA brag about the great success of franchising, yet research shows the majority of franchises rarely make money and have lower success rates than independent businesses. The disconnect is evident in many industries today.

Professor Terri Griffith's recent post "Can We Increase the Rate of Organizational Change" gets at this point when she references a WSJ article Online Compliments Can Haunt You, Too by William M. Bulkeley and Luis Suarez‘ post Evangelist: Think! She writes, "The WSJ article and the post both highlight that although we have the technology tools and some of the personal motivation to change our organizations — it is going to take a long time. Please let this not be true."

Why such disconnects ? Because many organizations don't work any more and until the majority of the good people who want to make a difference start adopting new means of organizing to get things done  outside of traditional models - it won't get any better. If your one of the many thousands of good people working hard in any of these or other countless organizations and industries caught up in the disconnect between leadership, purpose and reality, welcome aboard - you CAN do something about it.