X-Prize: A Solution for Health Care

X-Prize recently announced they are extending their model to healthcare with a $10 million prize, intended to "catalyze dramatic improvements in health and health care value in the United States." Read the full release here. "if you can't measure it you can't change it" says the X-Prize CEO Dr.Peter Diamandis in the video below. What's the measure in health care ? That is problem in the extant health care model. The highest quality care at the best cost still entails a scarcity paradigm: at some point extending care to an individuals does not generate an ROI for the overall system. Who is going to make those choices ? The X-Prize outcome will be interesting because the solution is complicated; until consumers have an understanding on par with the system that delivers their care and until individuals are rewarded or penalized for behaviors that contribute to outcomes, the idea of "choice" is an oversimplifed solution to this complex problem.

Peter Diamandis, CEO, X-Prize Foundation from Health 2.0 on Vimeo.