Innovation in Fitness - The ViPR

Working in the fitness and wellness world is a blessing on many levels. More than helping people get healthy is the fact you get to work with a lot of smart and fun folks, particularly the FitPro team. As you might know, I write a lot about technology and innovation. But interestingly there is a lot of great innovation that isn't as much about technology as it is about great ideas that generate a great solution. Organizations that figure this type of stuff out reflect the many years of experience necessary to see obvious opportunities. This is where a new product like the ViPR comes into play.

ViPr (Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning) uses the four pillars of human movement: gravity infused, stretch-to-shorten, tri-planar and integrated. Brilliant innovation. Check it out with the product's creator, Michol Dalcourt at Equinox below.