The Days of "Mass" Everything Are Over

In his book, "The Chaos Scenario", Bob Garfield, writer for Advertising Age magazine and co-host of NPR’s On the Media program, forecasts the disintegration of mass media and advertising structures that have dominated commerce for hundreds of years. Garfield astutely warns that all formerly top-down institutions cannot dictate to consumers with advertising through mass media as before, but must retool, restructure and reengineer their business models enbracing new digital tools and forging better relationships with customers—no longer seeing people as eyeballs or votes, but as REAL stakeholders in their enterprise.

Amid the ruins of mass media, the choice for business is stark: really listen and respond or perish.  This is evident in most industries today as they try to figure out rapical change brought on by mega trend convergences. As Garfield states in this illumantive video below, "Its a Revolution". Watch it !

The Chaos Scenario from Greg Stielstra on Vimeo.