IPhone 4g - Welcome to the Revolution

Well Apple did it again, and its only the beginning of what is to come in the world of mobile technology. The arrival of main stream mobile video communication is here and part of the IPhone 4g. It will forever change the way we live, work and play.

Think about this, 3 years ago, if someone told you you'd have a decent video editing program on your cell phone, which  can also shoot 720p HD video, and have a video conference on would you have believed it ? The answer is no.

I am impressed with the newest iPhone. What isn't to love: An industry-leading screen, video chat, HD video, significantly faster processor, better battery life, updated OS that includes almost every missing feature people have been asking for, including multitasking.

Wow. Are you prepared for the revolution that mobility will bring to every person, business and industry ? If not you better get ready.