Socialgraphics - A Practical Guide to Understanding Consumer Social Behaviors

I am a big fan  of Charlene Li and Jeremiah Owyeng . Their firm the Altimeter group is doing good work and sharing views on how to practically evaluate and employ social media as a strategic advantage. Of particular interest is their research on socialgraphics and other topics addressing social media. Their concepts show how organizations can utilize social media which gives a voice to buyers who can now describe their experience and disappointment to a global audience. And, wow, are they saying a lot. 

B2B or B2C marketers, eager to know how social media fits into the marketing mix, can use Social Technographic Profiles of decision-makers to design marketing programs that not only capitalize on emerging social behaviors but also fundamentally change the nature of the marketing relationship between buyers and sellers.

A recent webinar “Understanding Your Customers’ Social Behaviors“ contained some great content and practical tips on how to approach social media spaces. The slides and a video recording are available herefrom (for slides) - see below - and (for the recording).

There is this cool tool from Forrestor research (below) that enables you to evaluate the social profile of B2B customers.

Also, there is on-going and vibrant conversation taking place on sites like Twitter, using the hashtag #socialgraphics. Check it out.