Social Media & Influence - What Is It ?

You've got to love Brian Solis. I've read his books (love Engage) and really enjoy his great posts and thought sharing (its not just that we share first names although with different spellings). His latest article addresses Influence - and reviews interesting research that makes some important points. Here is one thing I'd like to share with those in my world who might not get it yet :


Brian partnered with Vocus to run a formal study on influence. As a result, 700 business leaders, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals contributed to the report, which is available now as a free download. Here's is what Brian says in closing:

"In the end, it’s our job to become “the influencer.” We owe it to our communities of customers, prospects and the people who affect their decisions to lead by example. Then and only then, can we master the ability to influence the influencer."

The fitness industry, as well as other industries I work with, need to understand and deploy this potential of influence via social media. In fitness if we are to truly impact the well being of people we should consider this important information. Look at the graphic below and read the report to discover more. One thing is already clear, influence is not popularity and popularity is not influence. Interestingly, according to research, size does not matter either.