Smart Phone Explosion in US - How Will Health Clubs Be Affected ?

Smart Phones are exploding and, while unclear, the implications for health clubs are very real. From how we market to how we engage existing members, there are and will be opportunities and risks. Check out my recent Club Industry Article "How Mobile Devices Will Affect The Health Club Industry", to learn more.

How significant will "Smart Phones" be ? Nielsen has forecasted that by the third quarter of 2011, smartphone users will surpass feature phone users.  This represents a continued and monumental shift in the way people connect with media, the Internet, mobile apps and each other. 

usa smartphone users to catch up to feature phone use in 2011

91% of Americans are mobile subscribers. Based on Nielsen's estimate, 50% of mobile subscribers will be smartphone users.  The result will be nearly 143 Million smart phone users by the third quarter of 2011.