Evolution web 1, web 2, web 3.0

Largely marketing terms that represent conceptual notions of the web, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 are expertly explained in this video. Note that the semantic web is thought to not be emerging as quickly in this clip, however, the rate of change and associated adoption of semantic technologies will outpace what is anticipated here. The web will ultimately become aware and intelligent and sooner than many think.

PhotoSynth : Creating the "Machines" Collective Memory

Blaise Aguera y Arcas' technology reflects both how the "machine" will learn and combine our content to create immersion environments and how we will increasingly interact to give content and have something even more useful come of it. Watch the 7 minute video on TED and pay particular attention to the example of the virtual Notre Dame which demonstrates the Photosynth technology. You will be absolutely amazed.


The Semantic Web - Get Your Head Around It and Soon

The Semantic Web is proving itself as a commercially competitive technology. One that will begin to unlock vast strategic leverage for organizations wise enough to understand, grasp and adopt its capabilities. Read David Provost's recent report titled "On The Cusp A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry". Also, see David's thesis at MIT on Hurdles in the Business Case for the Semantic Web. Few are as familiar with the implications of the Semantic Web as David Provost. Read his work and begin to wonder, "How will this technology revolutionize the world?"