Dreaming In the Clouds - Revolutionary Computing

For those who don't know, cloud computing is the next wave of rapid change, where organizations, even small ones with limited resources, will innovate by using tools that largely remove the IT department as an island that restricts rapid adoption and instead empowers the best ideas to drive innovation - very fast. The cloud is a metaphor for the Internet and as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it conceals. It is a style of computing where IT-related capabilities are provided as a service, allowing users to access technology-enabled services from the Internet or "in the cloud", without knowledge of, expertise with, or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. Salesforce.com and its development platform is the leading tool being adopted by users to realize the power of cloud computing. It is truly a dream for all the innovation that will result and the trailer from dreamforce represents the unbelievable power it will unleash.