Collaborative Consumption Meets The Fitness Biz

Business models fascinate me. As I've shared before, "If your industry, organization or self is not actively evaluating its model - you better start now. How products and services are conceived, developed, distributed and sold is increasingly changing as the result of a variety of factors." Of course I'm keeping the fitness and wellness industries in mind here and if you're involved in that space like I am you better as well!

Perhaps you've heard of the book, "What's Mine Is Your's - The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption", by Rachel Botsman (smart AND beautiful) and Roo Rodgers  (MS in Economics : I Luv That). On the left are examples of business models that reflect this trend. After reading the book I've been thinking, "Hey How Might This Apply To Fitness Facilities Business Models?"

A common health club model is "membership"; which in theory provides unlimited use of a place for getting fit. Problem is MOST "Members" don't visit their club very often. Would it make sense for people to join forces and demand that they're "memberships" (when they're not being used) could be used by others as a form of collaborative consumption ? What are the implications of that ?

Please contact me, Bryan O'Rourke, and let me know your thoughts. What forms of Collaborative Consumption will appear in the fitness and wellness industries and why ? Before you share your views and in the meantime watch the interesting video below that explains the concepts behind "Collaborative Consumption" as well as Rachel's TED talk. Great read Rachel and Roo. Thanks !


Collaborative Consumption Groundswell Video from rachel botsman on Vimeo.