IPad - Implications for the Publishing Industry

There is a revolution emerging in the publishing business.  VIVmag, a digital lifestyle magazine available online, will introduce an iPad version of its content when the Apple device is released next month. The implications of this type of content delivery become pretty clear when you look at what the "magazine" (if you can call it that) will be like. Its shown in the video below.

VIV Mag Motion Cover - iPad Demo from Alexx Henry on Vimeo.


The video offers a user experience preview that readers can expect for iPad versions of digital "magazines". Like the video from Wired released last month, this and other magazines are getting ready to offer touch and video among other ground breaking experiences.

VIVmag’s chief marketing officer, said the magazine planned to make its digital issues interactive with video and full-motion advertising, including a Fandango HBO “Sex and the City 2″ advertisement and interactive spreads for Kia Motors and Estée Lauder.

This type of super interactivity isn’t going to come cheap. The magazine cost $36 for a yearly subscription of six editions, or $6 an issue. “It is an expensive process,” CMO Mullen said. “It takes the same amount of time to create as a print edition, but we’re creating a living product that is fully dynamic.” This behind-the-scenes video about the creative process used to deliver the digital content gives one an idea of what it takes.

Watch this video from Wired on the new world of publishing.