With IHRSA Promoting Primary Prevention In Washington D.C.

Three years of my life were spent in the Washington D.C. suburbs growing up. I love Washington, D.C., so it was great to be there last week during IHRSA's 9th Annual Summit For A Healthier America.

I visited the offices of four Senators and two Congressional leaders in the House around IHRSA's legislative agenda. Speaking with aides and leaders themselves is interesting. Its almost unbelievable that the notion of primary prevention has not been more central to the recently passed Affordable Care Act ; there isn't a single mention of primary prevention in the legislation . What a shame. The fitness industry has got to become a more integral part of the solution to the sick care crisis.

Sharing time with the IHRSA staff behind the lobbying effort as well as industry leaders like Michael Raymond of Curves, Art Curtis of Millennium Partners, and Karen Jashinsky of O2 Max, among many others, is always fun and enlightening.

Get involved in the IHRSA public policy movement.  Learn more here. We need your help. Check out the video from the event as well. You might find it interesting and amusing. So what do you think about IHRSA and its public policy initiatives ? Write me, Bryan O'Rourke, and share your views. Could we be doing more and how ?