IHRSA 2011 - My First Report And First Meeting With Les Mills International

Its going to be a long week, but I'm not complaining I live for this stuff ! Having arrived late last night in San Francisco, I got a 6 mile run in before meeting up with my friend and partner Robert Dyer for breakfast (fun as always). It is rare we get to spend time alone uninterrupted . Our first meeting of the IHRSA 2011 show was with our strategic partner, Les Mills International (if you don't know by now fitmarc distributes Les Mills in 12 U.S. states to over 600 customers).

Arriving without his luggage that was misplaced by the airline and after visiting his son in Los Angeles, Les Mills founder Phillip Mills and I sat down for a chat about Les Mills, its future and our business relationship. He recently has a new 3 month old grand son, and is trying to recoup from the terrible earthquake in New Zealand, where he lives, which destroyed two of his Les Mills gyms.

My partner and fitmarc CEO Robert Dyer was, as always, animated and positive and the rest of the group including LMI's CFO, General Counsel and Marketing Brand Guru (see picture on left and yes I was the guy holding the camera) exchanged pleasant and frank views about how we could continue our great relationship and potentially expand our relationship. This, the beginning of a full week of discussions and meetings about the future of the fitness industry and where we might possibly have a role. There was considerable interest among Les Mills executives about the recent strategic advisory alliance our companies Fitmarc , Integerus and I have with Star Trac and its owner Michael Bruno. All was positive as our business is broadening its influence and relevance in the industry. I know Robert and I both, as well as our customers, partners, employees and stakeholders are delighted at the prospects. I'll be sharing more each day as the IHRSA 2011 30th anniversary unfolds.