Globalism A Huge Driver Of The Health and Fitness Business In 2014 And Beyond

What Globalism means in the traditional sense isn't necessarily what everyone thinks. From my perspective its simple: our world is becoming more interconnected. For the health club and fitness industry that means that growth is coming increasingly in new countries with various cultures, languages and resources.

The world has about 7 billion people living in it today (there are almost as many smartphone internet devices as people). The shift to Asia, which has driven 50% of economic development over the past decade and the realization that other cultures and languages are comprising larger shares of our global consumer base are just a few of the implications of "Globalism". What that means is a world of increasing opportunity and change. Those who are prepared to embrace this with flourish while others who avoid it will fail.

Please watch the video a New Global Era In 2014 below and tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think ? Is 2014 the New Global Era for our industry ?

A New Global Era In 2014 - The Globalism Trend In 2014 - Bryan O'Rourke from Bryan ORourke on Vimeo.


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