Think Mobility is Just a "Trend" in the Fitness Industry ?

I write about technology's impact on the world - particularly the fitness industry and wellness biz. The typical response I get from fitness industry leaders is one of "that's cool" but the underlying skepticism is hard to miss. After all , the latest technologies haven't knocked off many of the same approaches used for the past few decades. So tech is cool alright - but most industry veterans don't really pay attention. Perhaps they should.

When you realize that there is an entire convention on mobility in health care, perhaps the fitness and wellness industry should take notice. Next week, the Mobile Health Expo is occuring in Las Vegas. Its the only event focusing on the convergence of mobile technology and healthcare across the entire mobile health ecosystem, including mhealth, telemedicine, wireless and connected health. Mobile Health Expo is designed to catalyze the discussions, partnerships, visions and public policy debates in order to move mobile health into the future. The event will focus on eight market drivers: aging at home, disease management, health inclusion for developed and developing countries, provider education, patient education, healthcare gaming, mobile wallets and benefits. The 2010 event takes place October 19-21, 2010 at the Las Vegas Caesars Palace Convention Center.

Executives from around the world convene to focus specifically on Health and the Mobility of the industry - and the tag line ? How about "Everything in Health is going Mobile." Indeed it is. Let's get a similar conversation and event started for fitness.