Technology's Increasing Role In A New World Of Fitness & Wellness

Attending NAYDO 2011 last week, I saw an example, meeting with Gene Theslof, CEO of Gluco Fit Club. Later in the week, visiting Robert Hallock of Wellness Layers, I witnessed it again: the emergence of technologies that address diseases by incorporating physical activities, monitoring, and encouraging social interactions both physically and digitally. When people speak about the obesity crisis, these solutions are going to be central to making real progress in the battle as they will for diabetes and other conditions.

Recently in Sydney Australia at FILEX 2011 My Presentation On Technologies Impact On The Future Of The Fitness Industry, started with concepts of Ray Kurzweil, a futurist, author and inventor. His books address an important concept, the law of accelerating returns. As he rightly views it, technology is NOT progressing in a linear fashion but exponentially, resulting in very rapid change. The implications for the fitness and wellness industries are significant.

I share two clips below for your consideration. The first is a movie trailer of Transcedent Man, which features Ray Kurzweil, and the second is an interview by Charlie Rose of Mr. Kurzweil. Tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about technology and its impact on the fitness and health club industry ? How are you preparing for the Law of Accelerating Returns ?