& Wave - Customer Service on Crack

Cloud computing is offering advanced ways for businesses to apply the most cutting edge technologies to support their key business processes - rapidly and affordably. Now there is another interesting example as the video below shows.

As David Carroll's recent post explains in the developer blog explains; Google's Wave is a new and interesting seminal Cloud technology. Wave was invented by brothers Jens Rasmussen and Lars Rasmussen at Google that builds on the concepts of AJAX combined with fresh look at Operational Transformation.  The solution is so ground breaking the ways in which this technology may transform web based communication is unclear.  It will be up to the community of developers working within and without the enterprise to realize the evident potential of Wave.

From a technical perspective, Wave has the ability to interact with other cloud platforms, like the platform. Watch the video demo below which features a fictitious Mobile Services Company named Booyah and see how powerful this new technology is and what it can do for customer service.