Geoengineering - Emerging Dialogue on a Controversial Topic

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, ("DARPA"), is holding a meeting at Stanford University soon on the topic of geoengineering: modifying the planet artificially in order to offset the effects of global warming. The topic is addressed in the video above.

An expanding group of experts like Stanford’s David Victor, Carnegie Mellon’s M. Granger Morgan, among others are investigating the most likely geoengineering scenario to receive real consideration: Introducing sulfate aerosol particles into the stratosphere, which will reflect sunlight and cause global cooling. It is what volcanic eruptions have done in the past to the earth's climate. These are the latest articles by major climate researchers, or policy experts sounding an alarm about geoengineering.

Read the Article "When Will GeoEngineering Tip?" by Chris Mooney to learn more.