Gold's Gym GGFA Regional Workshop Dallas Texas 2014

This past May we enjoyed another great regional GGFA workshop conducted by none other than Blair McHaney touching on strategy and effectively competing in the health club industry. This is very high quality education with practical takeaways. Blair does an excellent job and the event is very worthwhile and my partner Robert Dyer and I enjoyed seeing many of our friends from the GGFA , like Ginger Collins (I love it when she calls me "sugar" its a southern thing) as well as franchisees in the Gold's Gym System.

Check out the videos via links below from Sal Pellegrino , Robert Dyer and Linda Toth as they discuss all of the benefits of attending these great regional events. If you get a chance to attend the regionals this year or next please do. You'll be happy you did.




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Gold's Gym 2013 Convention - Building Stronger Connections

This year was my fourth Gold’s Gym convention in a row. Its always energizing to see the franchisees, executives and vendor partners who attend the event because so many wonderful people are a part of this legendary brand. The opening event included CEO Jim Snow, followed by the head of the Gold’s Franchise Association Mike Epstein, and finally Gold's VP of Fitness Tim Keightley. I appreciate all of these leaders for different reasons and attending the opening remarks is a great way to learn details about where this iconic brand is heading.

Gold’s has been around for nearly 5 decades and this convention’s theme, which CEO Snow shared, was about “Building Stronger Connections”; connecting with members, communities, vendors and each other. Jim emphasized 3 golden nuggets. First , participating in the Gold’s vendor program saves franchisees money; second, better customer satisfaction results in higher profits; and third new marketing tools and Gold’s new web site will enable higher lead flows that will enhance revenues.

Jim shared the brand’s goal of becoming the number one franchisor in the health club industry. Using an annual survey of franchisees he showed how the satisfaction level with the brand had improved significantly with franchisees in the last year. The CEO also set forth its growth plans, which has brought the brand to 675 locations today. Gold’s has been active in acquisitions and more aggressive in its plans for the express club model as well as international expansion.

Mike Epstein, a leader in the Gold’s Gym Franchise Association, spoke of the importance of community and addressed the commitment of Gold’s Franchisees to its members and communities. We love the GGFA and their team of folks including of course Ginger Collins. The franchisees are the heart of the organization and Mike had an inspirational video that displayed his Gold’s Paramus work with Sandy relief and Mike and his partner Art and their team was named Best Tour de Cure Team for 2013 at the Convention! See the video below, my partner Robert Dyer loves the Bruce Springsteen song We Take Care Of Our Own, and so do I.

Finally, Tim Keightley, always a profound and warm speaker, shared the inspirational stories of Gold’s members and their families . This moving and emotional introduction of members and their stories as shared by Tim brought more than a few tears to my eye. What a great and motivating presentation that was.

It was another great Gold's show and I've got to give a shout out and thanks to the many many friends we have with the Gold's brand. What a privilege to be there and here's to an even better 2014 show.

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Bryan O’Rourke is a health club industry expert, technologist, financier, shareholder and executive in several fitness companies. He works for Fitmarc, which delivers Les Mills programs to over 700 facilities in the US and heads up the firms Integerus and Fitsomo. He advises successful global brands, serves as a member of the GGFA Think Tank and is CEO of the Fitness Industry Technology Council (To join FIT-C visit ). Recently Bryan was named to the ACE industry advisory panel.  To learn more contact Bryan here today.

Effective Social Media Marketing For Health Clubs - Gold's Convention 2012

I had the chance to sit on a great round table on social media with Ian Lowell, Mike Epstein, Blair McHaney and Gordon Johnson at this years 2012 Gold's Gym Convention. I also got to make 2 presentations on Social Media Marketing for Gold's Gym franchisees thanks to Ginger Collins and the GGFA team. Here is the content for you to review.

Are you using social media to market your health club business ? If you need help doing it please check out the content above and feel free to reach out to me, Bryan O'Rourke, for any help. Thanks again to our friends at Gold's Gym for a great 2012 convention.

About the author:

Bryan O’Rourke is a health club industry expert, technologist, financier, shareholder and executive in several fitness companies. He consults with global brands, serves as a member of the GGFA Think Tank, is Chair of the Medical Fitness Association’s Education Committee, is President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council and a partner in Fitmarc, Integerus, Fitsomo and the Flywheel Group. To learn more contact Bryan here today .

New York GGFA Convention Shines Light On Gold’s Brand & Franchise System


From Bryan O'Rourke - GGFA Conference In New York City - September 27, 2011 full disclosure - I sit on the GGFA Think Tank and Represent Star Trac and Michael Bruno personally.

Its been an interesting few weeks for me that's been steeped in the Gold’s Gym brand. After spending time with the GGI executive team in Dallas a few weeks ago and participating in a GGFA related diabetes golf benefit in New York with friends Bill Austin, Mike Epstein and his partner Art, among others, I arrived in New York last Sunday for the GGFA convention. Gold’s has been in the news lately and so it was fortuitous for me to hear from the brand’s leaders both on the franchise and company side.

As always Ginger Collins and the entire GGFA team put together a great show and I was thrilled to spend time with so many of our GGFA friends as well as Michael Bruno, owner of Star Trac, Stairmaster and Land America, my partner Robert Dyer and Sal Pellegrino of Star Trac, among many other wonderful health club industry leaders. (Let me put in a special mention for the “Godfather” and my friend Bill Austin).

Gold’s is facing a lot of changes but here is what I took away from the largely positive event:

GGI has a new sophisticated and impressive real estate location model for its system;
Financing prospects have improved and several franchisees are expanding;
While differences exist between GGI and GGFA meaningful dialogue is happening;
Upgrades are in the plans for many franchisees; and
GGI is very focused on the express model as part of its growth strategy.

With rumors of a possible Bally’s acquisition still heard faintly in the background, I wonder what the next few years holds for the Gold’s brand. Based on what I saw it could be very positive. So tell me, Bryan O’Rourke, what do you think about the Gold’s brand, the GGFA and the future for this storied health club chain ? I’d love to hear your feedback and thanks for reading the post !

About the author Bryan O’Rourke:

Bryan O’Rourke is a health club industry expert, technologist, financeer, shareholder and executive in several fitness and health club business service companies. He is also a partner in The Health Club For Women and Chairman of the Medical Fitness Association’s Education Committee. To learn more contact Bryan here today .

Tips And Tricks For Maximizing Facebook

I shared this content at the Gold's Gym 2011 convention in Last Vegas this week. Strategies And Tips To Maximize Facebook was a big hit and I appreciate the GGFA and Gold's Gym for allowing me to share my insights on Facebook. I enjoy participating on the Gold's Gym Franchise Association Think Tank very much, So tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, how are you using Facebook for your business ? Is it working for you or not ?