The Next Billion Internet Users

The Internet reflects human society, as Schmidt observes in his keynote address at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's launch of a New Vision for global think tanks As more people access the Internet they will be exposed to more of the world than they know now. Will the next Billion Users create more hate groups or more saints ? Will people be gaining more freedom than they can handle; and is free choice more choice than people want ? These questions are posed by the Google CEO and are fundamental to the important value of a neutral Internet. The implications to humanity for neutrality of the Internet are profound as Dr. Schmidt's questions point out. However, the disparities between those nation's and people who enjoy freedom and those who do not are so great as to make the potential of an open Internet more difficult to achieve and more important to reflect upon.

Eric Schmidt On Transparency & Open Immigration

Google's head, Eric Schmidt, recently shared his views on a series of topics at the Aspen Ideas Festival. He addressed how "old" institutions are inefficient and in particular governments. His solution is transparency because as he puts it, "many bureaucrats know what they are doing is not effective". Schmidt goes on to question why the US attracts foreign students and then kicks them out, a significant impediment to retaining the brightest minds from around the world. Finally, Eric touts the excitement that instant translations tools and photo identification being created by Google will offer. Check out this brief 6 minute interview to learn more.