The Economics Of Aging

You've probably heard the news: Many of the nations of Europe are literally shrinking in population. In fact in Italy today 60% of children do not have a sibling, aunt, cousin or uncle: only parents, grand parents and or great grand parents. Birth rates are inadequate to sustain these populations, which are getting much older. This will pose great challenges for businesses and organizations that have traditionally relied on households of families as the largest group of customers. There is no doubt that the percentage of these are declining and further more that India and Africa will be the biggest contributors to world population growth in the coming decades. What are the implications ? They are significant. Check out the Nieslen research deck "The Aging Globe" below and think about it. Are you preparing for a future customer base that is older than the one you have now ? What are the implications to the health club business and to wellness in general ? I think they are significant. Contact me, Bryan O'Rourke, and share your views on The Aging Globe.