Computing in the Cloud - The Revolution Comes to ERP

A new dawn has come in the business world and its implications have not yet reached many businesses or industries to date but the opportunities related to this innovation are significant. To the extent that "globalism" and offshore outsourcing has mpacted industries and organizations, hold on to your hats. Recalling days long gone of rhetorical exchanges with arrogant IT professionals who built fences around burdensome technology that kept process improvement from adoption for years on end, one could only dream of a world where ideas were the basis of business process improvements and technologies actually contributed to their more rapid adoption. Those days are here. When more people and business leaders wake up to the reality of what computing in the “Cloud” represents, despite strong opposition from some internal IT people distraught with the concept, a new world is indeed opened. Enterprise solutions  that extend powerful system solutions are available to your business with no hardware investment and quite affordable licensing fees. Want to dramatically improve your business process while eliminating costs? See this white paper on the ins and outs:  Reinventing the business workplace.