The Surprising Secret To A Better Organization - Watch

The secret isn't really secret: building a great organization is about getting talented people to work together toward a common goal. Actually doing it is the challenge and that is where many folks get it wrong.

I continue to see organizations and leaders approaching this challenge with old school methods that just don't work. For example, incentives and false motivational tactics; these are PROVEN to be ineffective, yet so many still attempt to operate their organizations in this manner.

Are you "old school" and have trouble believing that something like incentives don't work ? Read on.....

In Dan Pink's new book Drive he makes the distinction between extrinsic motivators like strict schedules and large bonuses and intrinsic motivators like autonomy, mastery, and purpose. Dan makes the case that employees performing jobs that require more than just basic cognition, are less productive when motivated by an extrinsic source than an intrinsic source. Watch the RSA presentation by Dan below and perhaps you'll get a grasp on the secret: helping people in an organization obtain more autonomy, purpose and mastery of their skills is the real secret to more productivity.