Why Aren't You Creating Cool Video Content ? [VIDEO]

Presenting at FILEX earlier this year in Sydney, Australia was spectacular. What has been even better are the many emails I receive from the inspiring fitness professionals down under who have become friends. Today, I got another note, this time from Tony Wrightson Programs Manager at Aquafit Fitness & Leisure , who wrote:

"Just touching base quickly to fill you in on a recent project here at Aquafit. Your presentation at the PT Summit really opened my eyes up to the need to embrace social media as part of our business development etc. The video link and attachment will explain it but I just wanted to share this with you. We feel confident that we achieved our objective with this video (capturing so much more about our culture and personality than words ever could), but the exercise was also an extremely positive one for the entire team and has provided an unexpected injection of morale and fun-factor that is an added bonus. Win or lose at the awards.....as cliche as it is this exercise has opened our eyes to how powerful this kind of activity can can be.

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