Technology and Fitness Facilities - Attend My October 14th Webinar

You might have read some of my postings on technology and fitness (check out my 2010 IHRSA presentation on Technology and the Future of the Fitness Industry along with other writings and the radio interview with  Michael Scudder). Happily I visited the IHRSA web site and came across Jean Suffin's article The Infinite Digital Domain. Here's a quote:

Once the prospect has been transformed into a dues-paying member, they can continue to make good use of the Website, conducting all sorts of transactions, including: signing up for classes and personal training sessions; checking their account; purchasing products; making dues payments, etc. In the process, they also avoid the pitfalls of phone tag, and, a benefit for clubs, don’t eat up valuable staff time.

Jean is right and the article shares a lot of great examples of organizaitons jumping in on the opportunity of delivering and interacting anytime and anywhere for their members. The implications to the industry, however, are vast and go beyond what the article covers, having a significant impact in the near term and long term. Think of the financial services industry and its transformation from the late 70's till today. How many of you still go to a bank on a regular basis  anyway?

Please consider attending my October 14, 2010 IHRSA webinar from 2:00 - 3:30 EST on Becoming More Competitive -- How the Industry is Changing and What to Do About It. Technology advancements and key business trends will be shared and hopefully help leaders make more informed assessments for their strategies.