Battling to Save Television - The End is Near

The implications of the Internet are broad and battles are raging over the most narrow of issues surrounding these implications. Many of the debates pertain to advancing new technological adoption resulting in continuing benefits to consumers or alternatively the obliteration of irrelevant business models via the adoption of innovations. This is the case increasingly as it relates to the cable and television industries and just one example is the use of white space frequencies. Google wants to utilize certain "White Space" frequencies or spectrum for transmission of data to replace the Wi-Fi standard, which is widely adopted but very inefficient. This video is of Larry Page, co-founder of Google, who addresses the implications of utilizing the white space and how the FCC is protecting the television and cable industry by refusing to allow Google to test a new prototype with these frequencies. The bottom line is this: by creating a better means to transmit data over wider areas and a faster speeds more inexpensively the Internet will be able to deploy content that today is largely distributed via cable and over air signals exclusively. The death of television is near.