Apple's Forray Into Fitness

If Apple's recent patent application tells you anything, its that the giant technology firm is working on further entry into the fitness space. That's something the fitness industry better pay close attention to. As the patent illustration shows on the left, the application includes an extensive interface running on the iPhone. The black and white images show the iPhone interface controlling and monitoring all details, from starting a treadmill to managing the number of curls you perform as part of a workout.

While details are still vague, compatible gym equipment would use a similar 30-pin connector that Apple sell to display video from your iPhone to your TV, and contain a new 'authentication' chip that Apple would provide to licensed third-party developers.

Apple is about to take this concept to the nextlevel by announcing partnerships with various fitness equipmentproducers including TechnoGym and LifeFitness.

In fact another article outlines a patent request by Nike for sensors that will monitor factors including EKG, heart rate, body temperature and hydration, all integrated into future iPhone compatible products.

While there's been no official announcement from Apple on gym compatibility an announcement should be out soon, with an app available via the App Store this summer.