Again to the Revolution of Telepresence

One cannot over emphasize the impact telepresence is and will continue to have on organizational and individual capabilities for numerous reasons but particularly this. The result will be continued increasing applications of revolutionizing methods of global orchestration at even greater speeds. Translation: more rapid change than ever before.

The recent NYT news article on the wider application of tools that deliver unparalleled interaction with global participants via high definition video, Voip, and document and application sharing reflects how these are quickly becoming more widely adopted. Continued advancements in bandwidth availability and evolving technologies, like Videyo's, are going to make access to these tools available for individuals and organizations at increasingly lower costs. Those who embrace these methods of interaction will be able to reach markets, obtain services, build relationships and source and distribute products and solutions in ways which were unthinkable only a few years ago.

Long the purview of multi-national organizations with deep pockets, the spread of these solutions to the mainstream will profoundly affect the business, non-profits, NGO's and individuals world wide while providing the opportunity to improve or save lives through the delivery of medical treatments, reduction in the degree of business travel that impacts families adversely and the conservation of valuable global resources. Take a peak at this Polycom demonstration of the profound implications these revolutionary technologies are having.