Competing Through The Revolution - Network Orchestration


Quality thinking regarding effectively competing in a rapidly changing world is presented in "Competing in a Flat World". Many of the concepts center on the creation of orchestrated networks as part of business strategy and these are delivered impressively in this book . It is a must read for individuals and organizations trying to grasp and understand what the paradigm of value creation has become.

When one accepts the three mega trends and their convergence it is impossible to not embrace the notion that single non-networked firms can actually compete in the new world. However, numerous industries still remain untouched at this point by these trends that represent Friedman's "triple convergence" a critical mass of enabling technologies, individuals and organizations skilled enough to take advantage of these new methods and the sudden arrival of more than three billion people from emerging economies entering the new,more level, playing field.  The reality is that adopting orchestration is a necessity for all businesses and organizations to survive; large and small. It is not a choice, it is an imperative. Learn more about Li & Fung in the video clip below.