The 5 Eras of the Social Web - Fitness Businesses Better Pay Close Attention

The mega trends of rapid technological advancements, demographic shifts and global ism are enhancing consumer choice and its revolutionizing the nature of businesses, including the health club and fitness business. Consumer adoption of social networks is increasing at a rapid pace, therefore its expected that innovations will continue to match this rapid growth. What does it all mean ? We are just starting to find out.

Forrestor's research report The Future of the Social Web, provides a view of the future and organizations better get their hands around the consequences of these shifts because they will radically change how business is done. The executive summary includes the following:

Today’s social experience is disjointed because consumers have separate identities in each social network they visit. A simple set of technologies that enable a portable identity will soon empower consumers to bring their identities with them — transforming marketing, eCommerce, CRM, and advertising. IDs are just the beginning of this transformation, in which the Web will evolve step by step from separate social sites into a shared social experience. Consumers will rely on their peers as they make online decisions, whether or not brands choose to participate. Socially connected consumers will strengthen communities and shift power away from brands and CRM systems; eventually this will result in empowered communities defining the next generation of products.

Watch the video above featuring web strategist Jeremiah Owyang for more learnings, His research asserts that technologies will trigger changes in consumer adoption, and brands will follow, resulting in five distinct waves:

The Five Eras of the Social Web:

1) Era of Social Relationships: People connect to others and share
2) Era of Social Functionality: Social networks become like operating system
3) Era of Social Colonization: Every experience can now be social
4) Era of Social Context: Personalized and accurate content
5) Era of Social Commerce: Communities define future products and services

The fundamental shift in thinking required for organizations to successfully navigate these changes are substantial. How product innovations, business development and marketing work will need to change significantly. This is consistent with CK's Prahalad evangelizing the N=1, R=G innovation concept. CRM Magazine has more about the five eras, focus in on the graphic.

Tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, are you preparing for the 4th and 5th eras of the social web. Do you understand the implications to the health club industry in the eras of Social Context and Social Commerce ? Let me know your views and thanks for reading and or sharing this content !