To The Fitness Industry - Technology Is What You Make It

I'm lucky. I've have 3 very unique wonderful children who've taught me great lessons.

My friend Jim McPartland commented during our recent interview on his "Unopened Gifts" show something to the effect of, "you take the exam before getting the text book." He was referring to life in general and its also true of being a parent. You are not always sure of what to do but you do your best and if you're lucky and keep an optimistic open mind to the future, things might turn out ok.

Working in an industry like fitness and wellness, a young industry with a lot of promise and a long way to go to reach it, I think about how we get there. That is where my kids come to mind along with Jim's quote and a recent commerical.

The future for health clubs, and fitness and wellness in general will entail a lot of change and technology will be a big part of it. It has for every industry. While we can't know the outcome for sure, I think its important we as an industry become more open to what technology represents, for both its great potential and sometimes problematic consequences. We must embrace change to reach our promise. This is even more important because of the relatively young stage the fitness industry is in.

In light of this I wanted to share Google's most recent Chrome commercial about a father and his daughter (see below) and technology. Tell me, Bryan O'Rourke, what do you think about technology in light of this commercial and in light of your life ? Is Technology, like your life, what you make it ? Should the fitness industry be more open to the future and technology that will be a big part of its development ? I think so.