Steve Jobs - His Legacy And What Lessons It Offers To The Fitness And Health Club Industries

To say I was saddened by Steve Job's passing is an understatement. I was particularly impacted because I have had cancer and understand the challenges that presents a person and family. Like my wife Maureen said tonight in the wake of Steve's death, "this hits a little too close to home." Of course I'm putting aside the iconic nature of Steve Jobs and his accomplishments because there are no comparisons. The point is the man's passing is profound for many reasons and  I think his life provides lessons for us all.

So what lessons does Steve Jobs life and legacy provide the fitness and health club industry ? Can you imagine such a connection ? I can and I'll tell you what I think for what its worth. Vision and a passion for seeing and creating a great future are rare and often unceremoniously met with opposition that requires great courage to overcome . This is a man who saw the future and jumped on it at great risk. We in the heath club and fitness industries can learn from this type of an attitude because the rapidly changing present is leading us into a future of opportunity if we can just see it and more importantly if we can have the courage to embrace it. We need to celebrate people who push us to the future despite adversity and risk, like Steve. Our future and potential to change the world are enhanced by those who have that spirit and there are many of these types of people in our industry who have that spark. Let's support them, let's embrace them and the future like Steve Jobs did. We can make the world a better place and overcome huge challenges with such an attitude and belief. That is the lesson, one of many, I believe his life offers.

Watch Steve's speech below. God bless him and his family in their loss and thanks Steve. You are gone but your spirit lives in us all. Yes, the ones who see things differently are the ones who change the world.


About the author Bryan O’Rourke:

Bryan O’Rourke is a health club industry expert, technologist, financeer, shareholder and executive in several fitness and health club business service companies. He is also a partner in The Health Club For Women and Chairman of the Medical Fitness Association’s Education Committee. To learn more contact Bryan here today .