Innovation in the Fitness & Wellness Industry

My upcoming presentation for the IHRSA event in San Deigo this March on the future of the fitness industry requires delivering some tough but exciting news for leadership. As with many industries, Fitness and Wellness requires significant innovation to reach its potential. Understanding the existing business is not nearly as important as understanding what the business of fitness and wellness will and can be. This requires huge shifts in thinking and an improved reliance on business process and IT that results in insights which help to service customers uniquely. Some convenient items related to this change are outlined in the book The New Age of Innovation. Watch the video below and read the top 5 things to keep in mind when evaluating your organization or industry in the context of innovation.

1. The consumer must be an integral part of co-creating an experience tailored to their needs;

2. All markets are experiencing the emerging centrality and empowerment of the individual;

3. Globalization and its 4 billion poor are undeniably central to the future both creatively and consumptively;

4. Talented people are essential to the innovation required to reach the potential the future offers;

5. Leadership must get their minds around business process and IT as central to strategic advantage.