Welch, This Oracle Is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Organizations and their leaders can react in different ways during tough times. With many industries experiencing tumultuous and fundamental change compounded by recession, it is more daunting then ever for leaders to understand what the best choices are for the future. From Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions to Collin’s Good to Great , theories abound regarding the relevant paths to success.

Such uncertainty makes the advice of those who have “been there and done that” quite refreshing. Jack Welch should be the “poster child” for such enlightened and valuable counsel . As with the Oracle character from the Matrix films, he possesses the power of foresight, and his experience serves to advise and guide those attempting to overcome serious challenges. His back to basics philosophy, founded on the four pillars of mission, behaviors, candor and differentiation, is just what the doctor ordered for many leaders in today’s world. Watch Jack during this Managementv interview explain what is truly relevant to organizational success as he outlines his beliefs in the four pillars. An adoption of these rules is a good place to begin when evaluating how to move your organization forward in the best manner possible.