Mobile Devices Continue to Wow - Sony Ericsson's Android XPERIA

Mobility is at the core of a new round of innovation for businesses and the consumer.  Access to information whenever and wherever one is present is going to further empower the consumer and continue to fuel a shift to the merger of the digital and physical worlds.  The result being a continued and radical evolution of retail and other physically based business models across a wide swath of industries.

While Apple has delivered an exceptional product via the IPhone, theirs is not the only game in town as Android devices are beginning to rival the utility of IPhone - with the recent Sony Ericsson product being an example. By the way, you have to watch the video below to grasp the exceptional functionality of this device.

Sony Ericsson officially unveiled their first Android smartphone, the handset known as the Sony Ericsson Rachael (or Rachel), XPERIA X3 and X10 and – most recently – the Sony Ericsson Infinity.  We’ve already seen a video demo of what Sony Ericsson’s custom user interface might look like but now a second demo has recently appeared and Apple best take note.