Augmented Reality

Not to get ahead of myself, which I do at times, but you must watch some of the videos below, they'll blow your mind - and its only the beginning.

In all industries there will be an increasing move by insightful participants to benefit from the merger of the physical and digital. This strategy enables the creation of new value paradigms; thus continuing the relevance of business models - like magazines, among others. For example, Esquire Magazine's  2009 Best and Brightest issue includes "Augmented Reality", which layers data like audio, graphics, and animation over live video. Wow !

The Augmented reality term was coined in 1992 by Tom Caudell while working for Boeing, where factory workers used AR to sort parts. Now, with video cameras available in so many electronic devices, AR applications range from advertising to architecture and gaming to pizza boxes. The technology had not been applied in an editorial scale, until Esquire did it. The Barbarian Group is a leader in the application of this and other technologies.

See the video demo below and get your experience software for the experience here.