The Key Challenge for Organizations - New Disciplines

Most established organization's have everything they need to take advantage of high-growth opportunities, with one exception: the right disciplines. Below are fundmanental concepts required to achieve success during this time of the convergence of the three mega dynamics of the revolution: globalism, technology & culture. See Rita Mcgrath's lecture below on these important topics and consider how you can bring these disciplines to your organization and reap the opportunities the revolution is presenting to us all.

Topic Key Message
Discovery Driven Planning Stop using the same planning techniques for new businesses that you use for existing ones; instead, plan to learn
MarketBusting Identify huge growth opportunities by using five key lenses with discipline
Entrepreneurial Leadership Understand the five key practices that create an entrepreneurial mindset and culture in your company
Capturing the most value from venturing Get beyond go/no go thinking when evaluating your ventures to maximize their benefit to your company
Designing a portfolio for growth Balance long-term and short-term investment horizons while simultaneously integrating strategy, projects, budgeting and people development
The middle managers’ role in growth programs USe middle managers as the secret weapon in a drive to create growth.
Designing the launch What should you take into account when you are launching your new business?
Dynamic Strategy For years, we’ve been told that sustainable competitive advantage is the best strategic outcome. Rita shows you that temporary advantages can be just as powerful.


Rita Gunther McGrath from Rita McGrath on Vimeo.