MIT's Humanoid Robotics Group - Domo

The development of Robots around the world is occurring more rapidly and diligently than most people might realize. The purpose for this development effort are the many tasks and applications that Robots can be designed to perform. With the number of elderly people forecasted to grow exponentially across the globe in the coming decade the market for in-home assistance that robots could provide is enormous and the return on investment proposition, given alternate care models, will become quite attractive once the technology is proven.

As with many technologies, a large number of engineers are working on various aspects of the robot solution: particularly humanoid robots. For example, engineers at the MIT Humanoid Robotics Group have developed a robot called Domo that can adapt to situations to assist people with everyday chores, everyday life, and everyday work. Cameras inside Domo's eyes enable him to see and adapt to his surroundings. Twenty-nine motors equipped with computer chips run off a dozen computers continuously updating information