"Bryan is a strategic thought leader and his insight on technology- as they relate to transforming consumer engagement and business operations- continue to push the fitness industry forward. His opinions are disruptive and fresh and they make you pause and think. I recommend connecting with and following Bryan."

Chuck Runyon, CEO Anytime Fitness

“Bryan and I have had numerous opportunities to work together and to share industry knowledge and insights. He is very strategic, and therefore, forward-thinking. He is a very experienced and intelligent business person. His knowledge is very broad AND very deep. A truly great business partner to have on your team.” 

John SimmonsCEO, Lifestyle Family Fitness

“Bryan is a high energy, technology-savvy leader, and the Fitness arena is benefiting from his presence and thought. His networking capacity is admirable both at personal levels and among Social Network engines. I would and do seek his counsel and perspective.” 

Bill ShannonVisiting Scholar & Consultant/Facilitator/Presenter/Author, Duke Fuqua School of Business

"Bryan is a social media and IT systems wizz who has bought great value to Les Mills."

Phillip Mills, Les Mills International


“After several presentations and informal chats, I cannot speak highly enough of Bryan! He is a TRUE scholar and gentleman! Quite seriously, you will not meet a man who understands business as well as Bryan. The fitness industry should see this man as a gift for us, as his passion is to get people healthy in quality facilities! Bryan's presentation style is relaxed and very engaging! And his subject matter super relevant. So as a participant, you get the message very clearly on what you need to do. I have now heard Bryan speak at IHRSA and Filex and would highly recommend him.” 

Justin Tamsett, Managing Director, Active Management


“I met Bryan through Linkedin. I never worked with him nor did I hire him for a service. But for the last year or so I've known him via Linkedin, he has been kind enough to provide me with advice on how to further progress towards my career and business goals. He takes the time to genuinely answer my questions and has provided me with the names of other successful people I can learn from. For a man who's quite busy with his own business and to take the time to help someone he barely knows says a lot about Bryan. His advice is logical, helpful, and clear. He's inspiring and cares about helping others succeed. I hope to meet him at a conference someday and I would highly recommend Bryan to anyone who's looking for a person who cares about others and takes pride in what he does - helping others reach the success he has.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Keri Roberts, hired Bryan as a Career Coach in 2010


“In an industry that has the potential to create powerful and positive lifestyle change for people who need to engage exercise and help people who are already exercising sustain and enhance their exercise programs, few professionals really stand out. Bryan is one whose far thinking and intuitive acumen have lead him to previously unimagined business modeling that represents a truly dynamic and profitable future for those who have the capacity to shed the failed business models that have fueled our industry up to this tipping point and take a good look at a new one that works.” 

Geoff Hampton, President, CMRI Perform-MAX Systems


“We are very lucky to have Bryan O’Rourke chair the Education Committee for the Medical Fitness Association. He has a deep understanding of the fitness industry, and a passion for helping individuals become the best that they can be. His professional, yet very approachable manner has made him a sought after resource and mentor. He is a natural for a leadership role in education for the MFA. The Medical Fitness Association relies on strong members to help fitness centers operate with optimal performance and with foresight. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Bryan!”

Lisa Gallagher, Regional Director, Medical Fitness Association


Every once in a while an incredible new face appears in our industry and Bryan O'Rourke is one of those. He is one of the most impressive industry specialists I have ever seen. I had the pleasure of listening to his message at IHRSA on the Impact of Technological Advancements on the Fitness and Wellness Industry this year and On Using Social Media to Grow Your Business at the Athletic Business conference in 2008. His message, content and presentation skills were the best I have seen in many years. I've have had the pleasure to work with Bryan in his leadership roles at both Integerus and Fitmarc as well. I highly recommend Bryan for consulting and services or as a key presenter at any professional conference. 

Sal Pellegrino (National Sales Director at Les Mills International & National Key Accounts at Star Trac)


“I am one of the most fortunate people to have an opportunity to recommend Bryan O'Rourke, as we are partners in two businesses that we have built from the beginning together. His professional experience in the world of technology, wellness and strategy is unquestionable. Beyond the obvious many business talents Bryan has is also a person of integrity, passion, kindness and patience. I am very proud to be in partnerships with Bryan and I'm as proud of our personal friendship as he has helped me in many, many ways to be a better business person and individual. Needless to say but I would highly recommend Bryan O'Rourke and he is a very special individual.” 

Robert Dyer , Founder - Chief Executive Officer , Fitness Marketing Systems, LLC
works as a business partner with Bryan at Fitmarc and Integerus


“Bryan possesses the ability to draw from years of experience across many industries to simplify the most complex topics into easily digestible ideas. He will then help you formulate your own plan for growth and accountability. I am grateful for the time we spent working together

Adam Scott, Owner, Wing Zone
was with another company when working with Bryan at Fran Systems


“I attended Bryan’s seminar “Technological Innovation and the Fitness and Wellness Industry – Predicting the Impact” at IHRSA’s International Convention and Trade Show. Furthermore I have had the privilege to discuss both the fitness industry in general and the technological development and integration in the industry with Bryan on more occasions. I consider Bryan to be a highly engaged and knowledgeable expert within his field – and I find his solution oriented and positive thinking inspirational.” 

Rasmus Elmann Ingerslev, CEO, Wexer (World of Exercise)
was with another company when working with Bryan at fitmarc™


“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Bryan O’Rourke on a start-up project for my company. His ability to distill broad concepts and processes down to succinct actions has been critical to our success and progress to date. Bryan takes total ownership for the work he is assigned and the quality of output is some of the best I have ever received. Bryan has not only been a tireless worker on our project he has also been a trusted advisor. I look forward to working with Bryan on other projects in the future.”

Christopher Reed, Vice President, Franchise, BioLab, a Chemtura Company
was with another company when working with Bryan at Fran Systems


“Bryan is a compassionate and quality person who is rewarded when helping and serving others. Doing what he says he will do, he builds trust and relationships. He has a keen ability to grasp conditions and generate results. His motivation moves activities forward in a concise and partnering manner. Having benefited from his support and service, Bryan has demonstrated these characteristics to me. If you do not know Bryan, or have not visited with him recently, contact him today. You will be thankful that you did.” 

Jeff Hebb , Owner, Operator , Express Employment Professionals
was with another company when working with Bryan at Fitmarc


“I have had the pleasure to work with Bryan on several strategic projects between our two companies. Bryan has proven himself to be a valued partner, strategic thinker, and a masterful tactician. The projects we implemented were wide-ranging and multi-faceted, requiring input from a number of sources. Bryan demonstrated poise and professionalism in organizing and executing the many aspects of our project plans. I whole-heartedly recommend Bryan and both the Les Mills and Integerus organizations.”

Jesse Harper, Director of Sales, Education and Health Clubs, Polar Electro, Inc.
was with another company when working with Bryan at fitmarc™ - US Agent for Les Mills


“Bryan has an uncanny ability to take a very complex business issue and break it into bite-sized pieces allowing you to effectively understand where change is needed to improve a system. One great part about working with Bryan is that he not only provides big-picture ideas and insightful recommendations, but he follows through with the implementation of new ideas and systems. Bryan has been a source of inspiration for me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend working with him.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Clint Lee hired Bryan as a Business Consultant in 2007


“Bryan is simply amazing! I’ve been working with Bryan since the inception of fitmarc™, in May 2006. Through the growth and expansion over the last four years, Bryan has been, not only a driving force and visionary behind the growth, but has mentored and developed our team of fitness professionals.”

Eleanor Porter - Hisey, Director of Customer Services, Fitness Marketing Systems, LLC
worked indirectly for Bryan at BKO Consulting Group, Inc.


“I recently had the pleasure of presenting on Social Networking with Bryan at the 2009 Medical Fitness Association Conference. Bryan is light years ahead of most of us in the Fitness Industry with his depth and breadth of knowledge in what is new, hot and effective in technology. It was a real education, and beyond the pleasure of presenting with him, I learned much that can help me both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Bryan if you are looking for ways to leverage the newest in technology for your club or business. He will teach you how to stay on top without costing your business a fortune.”

Amanda Harris, VP of Fitness and Wellness, ACAC Fitness and Wellness Centers
worked directly with Bryan at Integerus, LLC


“Bryan is a fantastic presenter and speaker. He is dynamic, professional and a pleasure to work with. Bryan has his hands on the pulse of technology and is very knowledgeable about its positive influence on the fitness industry. I would recommend him highly.”

Avril Coakley, Owner, Racstar LLC
worked directly with Bryan at BKO Consulting Group, Inc.


“In my dealings with and knowledge of Bryan’s business I attribute much of the success of his company to his ability to create better and more efficient ways to operate. I am impressed with his ability to hold himself and the other members of his company to a consistently high standard of work production.” 

Steve Chaplin, Sales Director, Les Mills Northeast
was with another company when working with Bryan at fitmarc™ - US Agent for Les Mills


“Working with Bryan has been one of the most refreshing and rewarding experiences of my career. He possesses a sharp business acumen and understands how to effectively run a successful business, while showing great understanding and leadership for those he works with. His quest for knowledge on new technology and skill in sharing this knowledge with both colleagues and customers keeps him on the cutting edge of business innovations. Any organization would be fortunate to have Bryan working or consulting for them.” 

Kelli Hatton, Account Executive, Fitness Marketing Systems, LLC
reported to Bryan at fitmarc™ - US Agent for Les Mills


“I learned more in the six months that I worked with Bryan than I did in the SIX YEARS prior to working with him. His expertise has breadth and depth; the ease with which he translates that into results is truly amazing.”

Christopher Sabido, Director of Operations, Planet Smoothie Franchises
reported to Bryan at Planet Smoothie Franchises


“Bryan is the consummate professional. He is intelligent, thoughtful and laser-focused on what’s important to clients and his teammates.”

Joe Davila, Director of Sales/Business Development, Les Mills West Coast, Les Mills International
worked with Bryan at fitmarc™ - US Agent for Les Mills


“I have worked with Bryan for two years and have benefited greatly from his proactive engagement with the sales team. Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge in B2B sales and has implemented systems and programs which gives us the ability to build stronger relationships and lasting partnerships. His manner is balanced and his support in assisting us to be the best we can be is something I can count on. 

Kristina Reilly, Account Executive at Fitness Marketing Systems, LLC, Les Mills
reported to Bryan at fitmarc™ - US Agent for Les Mills


“Bryan is an amazing Business Consultant! He has great ideas and a vast knowledge of the industry as it relates to fitness, wellness, technology, and the integration of these things to make your business successful! I would definitely recommend Bryan any day of the week! Not only will you be getting a superb consultant, but also a great, genuine person full of integrity and character!” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Brandt Quick
hired Bryan as a Business Consultant in 2003