O'Rourke's Recent Achievements In The Health Club And Fitness Industry

O'Rourke Named To The IHRSA Board Of Directors

The International Health Racquet and SportsClub Association (IHRSA) is the trade association serving the global health club and fitness industry. The mission of IHRSA is to grow, protect and promote the health and fitness industry, and to provide its members with benefits that will help them be more successful. Bryan O'Rourke was elected to serve a four-year term beginning in March of 2017. IHRSA and its members (health clubs and fitness facilities, gyms, spas, sports clubs, and industry suppliers) are dedicated to making the world healthier through regular exercise and activity promotion. 

O'Rourke Presents At The IHRSA 2017 Convention In Los Angeles, California

Leading technology experts and health club operators from around the globe convened in Los Angeles for the 2017 IHRSA convention. O'Rourke conducted a widely attended roundtable on technology implementation. He also shared a keynote address on the Future Of The Health Club And Fitness Industry addressing key trends and implications to the global health club and fitness industry space. O'Rourke also conducted a presentation on Disruptive Innovation and Capitalizing On Wearables

O'Rourke Presents At Europe Active 2017 European Health and Fitness Forum In Cologne, Germany

Presenting at the Europe Active 2017 event to the leading CEO's of the most successful health club chains in Europe, O'Rourke shared his views of the impact of technology on the health club industry space by sharing his presentation Global Digital Trends In Sports And Fitness 2017. O'Rourke also contributed to the newly released book with other European colleagues titled, Customer Engagement and Experience in The Fitness Sector , which was released at the event. 

O'Rourke Keynotes At ChinaFit / IHRSA China Management Forum 2016

The ChinaFit / IHRSA China Management Forum opened with a flourish on November 16 in Changsha, China, with 350 attendees and 20 sponsors supporting this management education event. O'Rourke presented keynotes on trends in the industry space in China and the great potential available to the marketplace in China. 

O'Rourke Keynotes At IHRSA EU Congress 2016 In Seville, Spain

Presenting On Poised For Growth, O'Rourke shared his view of an industry exploding with 300% growth globally over the next decade. The convergence of consumer trends, technological advancements, economic factors and globalism are combing to create a revolution in the fitness, health care and wellness industries.

O'Rourke Presents At The First Wexer Virtual Global Event At The ICEHouse In London

The leader in global virtual fitness solutions, Wexer Virtual, invited Bryan O'Rourke to keynote their first global industry event in London. Sharing his Poised For Growth Presentation, O'Rourke addressed the implications of technology on the fitness and health club industry to a crowd of leading CEO's from Europe.

O'Rourke Forms Vedere Ventures To Work With And Invest In The Companies Of Tomorrow

Vedere Ventures was formed in July of 2016 in order to advise, support and invest in the companies of tomorrow. The firm focuses on revenue generating businesses that work in and are related to fitness, wellness and human performance.

O'Rourke And Partner Robert Dyer Publish Book The 9 Partnership Principles

O'Rourke and his partner Robert Dyer share the challenges of establishing a successful partnership and their journey together through the book, The 9 Partnership Principles, A Story of Life Lessons and Working Together. The founders of Fitmarc, a strategic partner with a variety of leading global fitness and wellness players, share nine principles to success in this guide to improving life at work and at home. All proceeds are being donated to Leap Missions, a charity dedicated to enhancing and enriching the lives of children around the world by providing free specialized medical and surgical services.

O'Rourke And FIT-C Launch Fitness Plus Technology Podcast

With support from O'Rourke's companies and partners and the Fitness Industry Technology Council, The Fitness Plus Technology Podcast was launched at the end of 2016 with host Josh Trent . The Podcast serves to educate fitness professionals and operators on the opportunities technology offers the health club and fitness industry. Guests are leading experts, executives and visionaries from around the world. 

O'Rourke Joins Gold's Gym Of Houston, Texas As Its Chief Strategic Officer

Bryan O'Rourke joined the Gold's Gym of Houston chain of six health clubs as its Chief Strategic Officer, advising on technology, business strategy and growth initiatives for the group. He joins partners including long-time friends Bryan and Kristy Murphy. 

O'Rourke's Company Fitmarc Sells Les Mills Business To Les Mills International

Les Mills International unified its distribution and customer service operations in the United States by acquiring the South Central territory from distributor Fitmarc, Fort Worth, Texas. O'Rourke serves as a principal and CSO of Fitmarc with his partner Robert Dyer . Fitmarc was formed by Dyer and O'Rourke in 2006 and grew into a  successful group fitness sales, training and support operation with over 5,000 instructors and over 800 fitness facility customers in the South Central U.S.

O'Rourke Named To The American Council on Exercise Industry Advisory Panel

The industry advisory panel brings together an experienced group of experts from academia and the fitness, wellness and recreation fields to advise on relevant consumer and core developments. An esteemed group that offers tremendous knowledge and real world experience, the Industry Advisory Panel solicits opinions on trends, opportunities and initiatives to help provide future direction to ACE as it carries out its mission. The panel’s feedback is critical to ACE and the organization’s commitment to offer the very best in certification, education and training to our fitness professionals.

O'Rourke KeyNotes At ANT+ Symposium 2013

The industry’s most respected leaders in sport, health and mobile gather annually to exchange key information, contacts and business acumen. This member-only conference has become an integral, annual event and features both technical and commercial sessions along with unparalleled networking events.

O'Rourke Launches Integerus, Bringing Innovation to the Fitness & Wellness Industries

In order to participate in the significant positive impact mega trends will have on the fitness and wellness industries and with the support, cooperation and partnership of experienced fitness and wellness professionals, Integerus was formed. The organization is designed to address innovation opportunities in the wellness and fitness business and has licensed and co-developed patents that will contribute to significant advances for training and teaching fitness solutions. In addition, the company has obtained copyrights and launched the Agency Integrated Management System (AIMS), a Saas Solution based on a combination of technology solutions in the "cloud" which integrates the salesforce.com platform.

O'Rourke Concluded Research Projects & Presentations for the Leading Global Group Fitness Organization

Conducted in-depth research reports for a leading global fitness solution provider on various topics regarding the U.S. fitness industry, advances in the wellness revolution, and an analysis of the competitive landscape. Presented to the senior management and key agents on directives and initiatives associated with shifts in thinking and solutions regarding the bridge that must emerge between healthcare and fitness industries, including in-depth considerations of the impact of technologies surrounding these mega trends