Recent Achievements for the Fitness Industry

O'Rourke Named To The American Council on Exercise Industry Advisory Panel

The industry advisory panel brings together an experienced group of experts from academia and the fitness, wellness and recreation fields to advise on relevant consumer and core developments. An esteemed group that offers tremendous knowledge and real world experience, the Industry Advisory Panel solicits opinions on trends, opportunities and initiatives to help provide future direction to ACE as it carries out its mission. The panel’s feedback is critical to ACE and the organization’s commitment to offer the very best in certification, education and training to our fitness professionals.

O'Rourke KeyNotes At ANT+ Symposium 2013

The industry’s most respected leaders in sport, health and mobile gather annually to exchange key information, contacts and business acumen. This member-only conference has become an integral, annual event and features both technical and commercial sessions along with unparalleled networking events.

Launched Integerus, Bringing Innovation to the Fitness & Wellness Industries

In order to participate in the significant positive impact mega trends will have on the fitness and wellness industries and with the support, cooperation and partnership of experienced fitness and wellness professionals, Integerus was formed. The organization is designed to address innovation opportunities in the wellness and fitness business and has licensed and co-developed patents that will contribute to significant advances for training and teaching fitness solutions. In addition, the company has obtained copyrights and launched the Agency Integrated Management System (AIMS), a Saas Solution based on a combination of technology solutions in the "cloud" which integrates the platform.

Concluded Research Projects & Presentations for the Leading Global Group Fitness Organization

Conducted in-depth research reports for a leading global fitness solution provider on various topics regarding the U.S. fitness industry, advances in the wellness revolution, and an analysis of the competitive landscape. Presented to the senior management and key agents on directives and initiatives associated with shifts in thinking and solutions regarding the bridge that must emerge between healthcare and fitness industries, including in-depth considerations of the impact of technologies surrounding these mega trends