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Bryan O'Rourke helps organizations and leaders achieve more by delivering innovative solutions to big challenges. As an accomplished professional advisor his work generates valuable and reliable outcomes. Read the testimonials. Bryan's practice extends to a variety of small and large businesses in an array of industries. He is presently focused on fitness, wellness and technology but has successfully served a wide range of organizations and industries.

In addition to his experience as a professional advisor, Bryan is widely considered to be an accomplished business turnaround and startup expert. Learn more about Bryan's track record in various roles and professional consulting engagements by reading below or by reviewing his full resume.

As a principal and executive with , a boutique investment firm, Fitmarc , a leading supplier of innovative fitness and wellness solutions, Integerus, a technology and strategic wellness consultancy firm , Moon Mission Media a digital marketing firm and the Flywheel Group, which develops and delivers enterprise 2.0 solutions, Bryan is part of a team with extensive bandwidth to serve the unique needs of any size organization.


Professional Business Advisory Services

Consultations are offered on a selective basis with senior teams, or with professionals on projects that can be as short as a facilitated meeting or for a longer period as may be required. Examples of recent services and engagements in a variety of industries including fitness, wellness, franchise and technology include:

  • Contract Executive Engagements

  • Strategic Development, Planning & Execution

  • Marketing Strategy, Planning And Execution

  • Alliance Creation and Management

  • Strategic and Social Media Marketing Analysis and Planning

  • Sourcing Financial Capital and Deal Structuring

  • Business Development Strategy, Design, and Implementation

  • Commercial Negotiation, Arbitration and Expert Testimony

  • Business Process, IT Design and Implementation

  • Feasibility Studies and Analysis

  • Valuation and Analysis for Business Opportunity, Acquisition or Divestiture

  • Product Development, Analysis and Support

  • M&A and Business Divestiture Representation and Planning

  • Licensing and Franchising System Advisory and Consulting Services

  • Hands On Logistics & Project Management Services