Transcendent Man - Kurzweil's Upcoming Film

Transcendent Man is a film about famed inventor and futurist thinker, Ray Kurzweil. The film follows Ray around the world to tell the story of his early day's as an inventor, including his influences, successes and accolades. It delves deeply into his profound predictions about the future, raising questions about our humanity, our divinity, and ultimately, our destiny.

Charter for Compassion

Religious institutions will crumble during the present revolution because a more enlightened humanity will embrace the essence of the message of their faiths without the unneeded dogma of people milking the message. As the revolution unfolds this will become increasingly obvious and its is anticipated that greater understanding will emerge among people. One must accept that most "religion" has been the historical basis for war and that understanding is a requirement for greater compassion. Relgious institutions are largely corrput mechanisms for power. The Charter for Compassion addresses this evolution in human conciousness.

Charter For Compassion from on Vimeo.